STEIB Bertrand


1993 : Court of Appeal of COLMAR
2007 : Cour de cassation
1999 : Assessor of the Conciliation and Expertise Customs Commission
1999 : Mediator-Arbitrator of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
2000 : Mediator-Arbitrator of CCI Sud Alsace Mulhouse Mediation and Arbitration Centre
2015 : Administrative Court of Appeal of Nancy

Judicial expertise, mediation, contradictory expertise on agreement between the parties or on behalf of Arbitral Tribunals, Arbitration


Registered in 29 speciality(ies)

27.1 Motors, generators and transformers and distribution equipment and electrical control
27.11. Motors, generators and transformers
27.4 Electric lighting equipment
28.1 General Purpose Machinery
28.2 Other general-purpose machinery
28.22. Lifting and handling
28.22.14 Derricks; cranes; cranes, straddle carriers and truck cranes
28.22.15 Fork-lift trucks, other works trucks; tow tractors used on railway station platforms
28.22.16 Lifts, hoists, escalators and moving walkways
28.22.17 Elevators and pneumatic conveyors or continuous handling
28.4 Metal forming machinery and machine tools
28.49. Other machine tools
28.93. Machinery for food industry
28.94. Machines for textile industry
28.95. Machinery for paper and paperboard production
28.99. Other special purpose machinery n.e.c.
28.99.3 Specific purpose machinery n.e.c.
33.2 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
33.20. Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
33.20.35 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment for the food industry
33.20.36 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment for textile industry
33.20.38 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment for working rubber or plastics
33.20.39 Installation of other special purpose machinery
33.20.5 Installation of electrical equipment
33.20.6 Installation of automatic control equipment of industrial processes
35.1 Electricity, transmission and distribution of electricity
70.22.2 Other project management services, except construction project
70.22.4 Trademarks and franchises
71.12.17 Engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects