1994 : Court of Appeal of PARIS – Former
2003 : Cour de cassation


Registered in 64 speciality(ies)

07.21. Uranium and thorium ores
09.10.12 Installation, repair and dismantling rigs and related support services to oil and gas extraction
19.2 Oil refining products
20.52. glues
22.2 Plastic Products
23.1 Glass and glass products
24.0 Iron products
24.1 Basic steel products and ferro-alloys
24.2 Tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel
24.3 Other products of first processing of steel
24.4 Precious metals and other common non-ferrous metals
25.0 Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
25.1 Metal products for construction
25.11. Metal structures and parts of structures
25.11.1 Prefabricated buildings of metal
25.11.2 Metal structures and frameworks
25.11.21 Aprons bridge and walkways of iron or steel
25.11.22 Towers and masts of iron or steel
25.11.23 Other structures and parts of structures, plates, rods, profiles and the like, of iron, steel or aluminum
25.29. Other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
25.30.1 Steam generators and parts
25.30.2 Nuclear reactors and parts thereof
25.5 Forging, pressing, stamping and profiling; products of the powder metallurgy
25.6 Treatment and coating of metals; machining
25.94. Screws and Bolts
25.99. Other metal products n.e.c.
28.11.2 turbines
28.11.3 Turbine parts
28.13.25 turbochargers
28.15.1 Ball bearings and roller
28.15.2 Other mechanical transmission components
28.15.3 Parts of mechanical transmission components
28.22.1 Lifting and handling equipment and parts
28.22.14 Derricks; cranes; cranes, straddle carriers and truck cranes
28.22.18 Other lifting and handling equipment
28.22.19 Lifting equipment parts and handling
28.22.9 Sub-contracted operations as part of manufacturing of lifting and handling equipment
28.4 Metal forming machinery and machine tools
28.41.1 Machine tools for working metal, operated by laser and the like; machining centers Metal
28.41.2 Lathes, boring and milling, machining of metals
28.9 Other special purpose machinery
28.91. Machinery for metallurgy
28.93. Machinery for food industry
28.94. Machines for textile industry
28.95. Machinery for paper and paperboard production
28.96. Machinery for working rubber or plastics
28.99. Other special purpose machinery n.e.c.
28.99.9 Sub-contracted operations as part of manufacturing of other special purpose machinery nec
29.0 Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
30.1 Ships and boats
30.2 Railway locomotives and rolling stock
30.3 Aircraft and spacecraft
30.4 Military fighting vehicles
30.9 Transport equipment n.e.c.
33.1 Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
33.11. Repair of fabricated metal products
33.15. Repair and maintenance of ships and boats
33.16. Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft
33.17. Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment
33.19. Other equipment repair
33.20. Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
71.12.13 Engineering services for power projects
71.12.17 Engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects
71.20.19 Other technical testing and analysis