2004 : Court of Appeal of NOUMEA


7 rue Fernande LERICHE BP 12281
98802 NOUMEA
Phone. : (687) 25.46.89
Mobile : (687) 78.14.14
Mail to : experitech@mls.nc

Titles : Deputy President of CNIDECA regional group to the Court of Appeal of Noumea.
Diplomas : 1981-1984: Engineers of the “Arts et Metiers” school. 1983-1984: DEA in Electricity and Instrumentation at Paris IV.
Language : English (fluent).
Profession : Engineer, Expert.
Expertise : Computers and computer equipment, electrical equipment and devices, aircraft engines, aircrafts, helicopters, constructions, air transports.
Additional expertise : Engineering services for industrial project, tests and physics analysis.
Career : 1984-1986: RTC Group PHILLIPS, Hardware Development Engineer. 1986-1989: UTA, Head of the radio-electrical metrology Laboratory. 1988-1989: UTA, Project Manager of avionics workshops. 1990-1991: UTA-BOEING, Head of Production on the AWACS works. Managing the French part of the INCO (installation and tests of radar systems on board of AWACS). Supervision of the initial workshop in Seattle (USA) then management of French aircraft workshops, under contract with BOEING. On UTA’s and air force’s sites. Delivery achieved under the control BOEING’s quality insurance. Management of 50 aircraft engineers, technicians and electricians. 1991-2002: Air Caledonie International, Airline Technical Manager. 1992: implementation of the ETOPS regulations. 1993: negotiations with Air France on the purchase of a BOEING 767. 1993-1994: implementation of JAR 145 rules (similar to ISO 9000), drafting the MOE quality manual, in charge of the quality of the company maintenance until July 1999. 1995-1996: increase in annual flight hours of the flight 737-300 that reached the world top ten in BOEING statistics. Mid-1997-1999: technical and commercial discussions on the purchase of airline aircrafts, definition of the aircrafts characteristics and commercial negotiations with suppliers (engines, cell, equipment). mid-1997: technical definition of B737-300 (Boeing) and A320 (Airbus); 1998: technical definition of A330 (Airbus). 1999: definition of Boeing B767-300, September 1999: technical audit of a second-hand B767-200ER; October 1999-March 2002: Putting in service of the A310 simultaneously to the B737-300. 2002: Cabinet Godard-Coet, Joint-Managing Director of an investigation and consulting firm. Investigations and consulting in the building, industrial, electrical (production and distribution), and aeronautic fields.

Registered in 6 speciality(ies)

26.20. Computers and peripheral equipment
30.30.1 Engines for aircraft and spacecraft, flight simulators, and parts thereof
30.30.3 Airplanes and Helicopters
51.0 air transport
71.12.19 Engineering services for other projects
71.20.1 Technical testing and analysis services