Court of Appeal of PARIS – Former
2003 : Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris
Engineering (Mechanics, Metallurgy, Industrial Processes)
Change management and quality control
Industrial risk management
Technical and legal support in negotiating business contracts in the industrial sector
Judicial expertise, judicial mediation, counter-expertise upon agreement between the Parties or on behalf of arbitral tribunals, arbitration.


Registered in 22 speciality(ies)

23.2 refractory products
24.0 Iron products
24.1 Basic steel products and ferro-alloys
24.4 Precious metals and other common non-ferrous metals
24.5 Casting services
25.0 Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
25.1 Metal products for construction
25.21. Radiators and boilers for central heating
25.5 Forging, pressing, stamping and profiling; products of the powder metallurgy
25.6 Treatment and coating of metals; machining
28.1 General Purpose Machinery
28.2 Other general-purpose machinery
28.4 Metal forming machinery and machine tools
28.9 Other special purpose machinery
29.1 Motor vehicles
29.3 automotive equipment
30.1 Ships and boats
30.2 Railway locomotives and rolling stock
30.30.1 Engines for aircraft and spacecraft, flight simulators, and parts thereof
46.6 Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and materials
71.12.17 Engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects
71.2 Technical testing and analysis services