2001 : Court of Appeal of PARIS
2011 : Cour de cassation
2005 : Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris


Registered in 56 speciality(ies)

05.0 Coal and lignite
06.0 hydrocarbons
06.1 crude Oil
06.2 Natural gas, liquefied or gaseous
07.0 metal ores
07.1 Iron ores
07.2 Non-ferrous metal ores
07.21. Uranium and thorium ores
07.29. Other metal ores
08.0 Other mining products
08.91. Chemical and fertilizer minerals
08.93. Salt and pure sodium chloride; sea water
08.99. Other mining products n.e.c.
08.99.2 Precious and semi-precious stones; industrial diamonds, crude or roughly trimmed; pumice stone ; emery; natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives; other minerals
10.0 Food products
11.0 Beverages
12.0 Tobacco products
13.0 Textile products
15.0 Leather and leather products
16.0 Wood products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials
17.0 Paper and cardboard
19.0 Products of coke and refined petroleum
20.0 Chemical products
21.0 Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
22.0 Rubber and plastic products
23.0 Other non-metallic mineral products
23.1 Glass and glass products
23.2 refractory products
23.3 Clay building materials
23.4 Other porcelain and ceramics
23.5 Cement, lime and plaster
23.6 Articles of concrete, cement and plaster
23.9 Other non-metallic mineral products
24.0 Iron products
25.0 Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
26.0 Computer, electronic and optical products
26.1 Electronic components and boards
26.11. Electronic components
26.11.3 Electronic integrated circuits
26.11.5 Bare printed circuits
26.11.9 Manufacturing of electronic integrated circuits; outsourced operations involved in the manufacture of electronic components
26.12. Electronic boards
26.12.9 Printed circuits; outsourced operations involved in the manufacture of electronic boards
27.2 Electric batteries and accumulators
27.3 Son, cables and wiring devices
28.21. Furnaces and burners
30.0 Other transport equipment
30.1 Ships and boats
36.0 Raw water ; treatment and distribution of water
37.0 Collection and treatment of sewage; sewage sludge
38.0 Collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery
39.0 Remediation activities and other waste management services
72.0 Scientific research and development services
72.1 Research and development in physical and natural sciences
72.11. Biotechnology research and development
72.19. Research and development on natural sciences and engineering