LE BORGNE* Patrick


1988 : Court of Appeal of PARIS
2008 : Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris
Judicial Expert in Medical, industrial and Mechanical Optics since 1988 and AudioProthesis since 1989.
Sworn Consultant to the High Court of Justice of Luxembourg since 1996.


Registered in 24 speciality(ies)

26.51.6 Other instruments and appliances for measuring, control and test
26.60.14 Pacemakers; hearing aids
26.60.9 Manufacture of medical devices; sub-contracted operations as part of manufacturing of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic
26.7 Optical and photographic equipment
28.12. Fluid power equipment
28.13.21 Vacuum pumps
28.15. Gears and mechanical transmission components
28.15.1 Ball bearings and roller
28.15.2 Other mechanical transmission components
28.15.3 Parts of mechanical transmission components
28.23. Office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
28.41. Metal Forming Machinery
28.41.2 Lathes, boring and milling, machining of metals
28.41.3 Other machine tools for metalworking
28.49.1 Machine tools for working stone, wood and other hard materials
28.93. Machinery for food industry
28.99.1 Printing and broaching machines and binding machines
32.5 Medical and dental instruments and supplies
33.12. Repair of machines and mechanical equipment
33.13. Repair of electronic and optical equipment
33.20.39 Installation of other special purpose machinery
71.12.17 Engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects
72.19. Research and development on natural sciences and engineering
74.9 Other professional, scientific and technical activities nec