Court of Appeal of PARIS – Former
2003 : Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris and of Versailles
Engineering (Mechanics, Metallurgy, Industrial Processes)
Change management and quality control
Industrial risk management
Technical and legal support in negotiating business contracts in the industrial sector
Judicial expertise, judicial mediation, counter-expertise upon agreement between the Parties or on behalf of arbitral tribunals, arbitration.


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92200 Neuilly
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Titles : – 2008-2011: Member of the Standing Committee of the International Centre for Expertise of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – Committee Member and Secretary-General of the Association of Expert Engineers registered with the Court of Appeal of Paris – Co-founder of the “NF STEEL” brand and Member of the brand’s AFNOR committee from 1993 to 2001. – 1995-2002: Member of the Board of Directors of the European Independent Steel Producers’ Association (E.I.S.A, currently merged with EUROFER) – Member of the Association of Expert Engineers registered with the Court of Appeal of Paris.
Diplomas : Ecole Centrale de Paris (1983)
Language : English, German
Profession : Consulting Engineer
Expertise : Industry: Mechanics and Metallurgy.
Teaching : * Professor in mathematics at the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP, training of engineers, 1983/85) * Lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille II and the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides (Institute of Fluid Mechanics, DEA post-graduate research in fluid mechanics, 1985/88) * Facilitator of the training of the Association of Expert Engineers registered with the Court of Appeal of Paris regarding the practice of expertise intended for newly registered experts (2009-2010).
Writings : – 1987, Revue française d’Acoustique: “Bruit d’origine hydrodynamique rayonné à l’intérieur d’un dôme sonar / études expérimentales et évaluations S.E.A” (Hydrodynamic noise radiated within a sonar dome / S.E.A assessments and experimental studies) – 1995, ASTM Bulletin, American Society for Testing and Materials: “conception et validation de la fabrication d’éprouvettes de référence permettant la vérification des machines d’essai de flexion par choc” (design and approval of the manufacturing of reference test specimens enabling the verification of impact testing machines) – Sept 2002, French Civil Engineering Consortium Newsletter: “La gestion des risques de l’Entreprise : affaire de spécialistes ou quotidien du dirigeant ?” (Business risk management: a matter for specialists or the daily responsibility of managers?) – Co-author of various AFNOR, CEN (European), ISO (International) and AECMA (aviation) standards – June 2003, “Centraliens” journal: “Comment maitriser les risques dans notre environnement complexe?” (How can risks be managed in our complex environment?)
Career : 1985-1988: Research Engineer in the Underwater Acoustic Laboratory of the Naval Shipbuilding Directorate in Toulon, responsible for studies on the sensor/environment interface (projects for the nuclear submarine “SNLE-NG” and related countermeasures). – Specialized in vibrations, water flowing noises and special organic coatings. 1989-1997: In charge of the following areas at Aubert et Duval: * Technical recommendations to customers regarding steel and alloy, possibly combined with surface treatments, in addition to technological solutions suited to the following sectors: nuclear, armaments, marine, rail, diesel injection systems and engines, industrial mechanics, and certain aeronautical constructions. * Technical relations with French, European and international standardization bodies (AFNOR, BNAE, CEN, ISO) * Quality Assurance and Quality Management Department 1997-2003: Director of Industrial Risk and Legal Affairs at AUBERT&DUVAL, then AUBERT&DUVAL HOLDING

Registered in 22 speciality(ies)

23.2 refractory products
24.0 Iron products
24.1 Basic steel products and ferro-alloys
24.4 Precious metals and other common non-ferrous metals
24.5 Casting services
25.0 Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
25.1 Metal products for construction
25.21. Radiators and boilers for central heating
25.5 Forging, pressing, stamping and profiling; products of the powder metallurgy
25.6 Treatment and coating of metals; machining
28.1 General Purpose Machinery
28.2 Other general-purpose machinery
28.4 Metal forming machinery and machine tools
28.9 Other special purpose machinery
29.1 Motor vehicles
29.3 automotive equipment
30.1 Ships and boats
30.2 Railway locomotives and rolling stock
30.30.1 Engines for aircraft and spacecraft, flight simulators, and parts thereof
46.6 Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and materials
71.12.17 Engineering services for industrial and manufacturing projects
71.2 Technical testing and analysis services